Learn About Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertops are growing increasingly popular in both commercial and residential designing. Porcelain is a vitrified pottery material that can either be opaque or a bit translucent. It came into existence during the Shang Dynasty. However, it was not until the Tang Dynasty that methods of creating porcelain matured. They are engineered to offer unique styles and ultimate endurance, for both indoor and outdoor use. They are coated with a pigmented glaze that offers incredible aesthetic appeal. 

Porcelain Countertops Phoenix

Heat Endurance

Porcelain countertops have no problem with heat. They are entirely resistant to it, so you should have no problem with putting hot pans on top of it.

Durability and Hardness

Porcelain is extremely strong.  It is actually said to be about 30 percent stronger than granite.  Furthermore, it is also scratch resistant, so you never have to worry about cutting directly on the surface.

Low Water Absorption

Something that makes porcelain so great as a countertop is that it is impervious to water.  It has an absorption rate that is less than 0.5 percent. This means you do not have to worry about wiping up a spill the exact moment it occurs.

UV Light Resistance

An advantage that porcelain has, especially over quartz, is that its color will not be affected when exposed to prolonged durations of UV light.  You can be entirely confident that your kitchen countertop will not become discolored in certain areas that get more light than other spots.  

Hygienic Surface 

You will not find a more hygienic surface than porcelain. It is entirely inimical to dust mites, fungi, mold, bacterial, and other irritants that can result in serious health issues. The inherently inorganic and emits zero VOCs due to its high temperature exposure during manufacturing. Any germs, dirt, or bacteria can simply be wiped away quickly and effectively.

Size and Thickness

Even though porcelain is so durable and sturdy, it is actually a very lightweight material.  Something else to note is you can even order extra-large slabs for your kitchen countertop to get fewer seams. This makes porcelain a fantastic choice when you want to have a single slab covering an entire area, such as a kitchen center island.

Environmentally Friendly

The last note that is something you should know when investing in a porcelain countertop is that it is an environmentally friendly option. These countertops are derived from 100 percent natural products, made out of raw clay-based elements. So, when you are ready to remodel again far in the future, you can have peace of mind that it is entirely recyclable. 


Porcelain is a great kitchen countertop option if you want to have something that is both beautiful and practical. This eco-friendly material is excellent at giving you the aesthetic appeal that you are aiming for while giving you the comfort in knowing you have a high-quality countertop. There are numerous color choices you can choose from, making it the perfect solution to get the kitchen design you have always wanted.