Why do women find accents sexy?

A few easy answers spring to mind – to increase genetic drift for their offspring. This is most likely not true – people often look to in-group but not too in-group mating.

But women do find accents sexy, by self-report. But here is the gentle correction: women find native English or Romantic-language accents sexy. Save for this exception, people like an accent that sounds like them. 

I had been poring over the internet looking for the metrics of interracial dating and low-self esteem. Granted, hooking up with someone from England is not interracial, unless they’re from the West End, if you know what I mean*. I mostly encountered a ubiquitous survey on perceptions of interracial dating that asked the loaded question: do you believe interracial daters have low self-esteem? That question, if I had never pondered it before, would take me at least five minutes to answer in binary format.

They probably do have lower self-esteem. Why is that question put in a textbook then?

Heathen millennials tell Pew Research Center they do not care much about the dangers of race mixing.

This reminds me of the situation where women like “masculine” men when they are ovulating, and “baby-faced” men when they are not. Accents are dangerous like tattoos are dangerous, he spent $300 sitting in a chair while another man drew an octopus on his body. Oh yeah, baby the incredibly slight risk of increased hepatitis C, too. The tattoo guy not the British guy. The latter needs Vitamin C. 

As we go on, we remember a British accent imparts a sense of novelty to the listener that increases activation of D2 areas, and those are co-located with sexual endeavors, thus accents are sexy. But it is a sense of novelty and danger with almost no-reproductive downside – the only difference between a Brit and a guy from Long Island is a lot of differences, but you get the idea.

If you have ever seen an interview of London anarchists punks, these individuals sound like professors and look like London anarchist punks.

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