Guatemala Nightlife

The People:

Guatemalan girls have the best worry eyebrows.

Guate City has 3 million people. Dancing is a huge part of the culture, people will dance in their house or go out dancing. Bajo Fondo and the Box were recommended and simultaneously panned. Proportionately, however, there is not a whole lot to do outside of your friend group. For example Maroon 5 comes once every decade, while in a similar sized city they may come once a year.

This is from the perspective of a tourist or expat, there’s all sorts of museum and festival things to do for the locals year round. is a perfect place to checkout, you can do something every day.

But if you want to meet someone and play tennis, it is very difficult compared to the United States.

Buying stuff:

Getting stuff like bedding was impossible for me to find. There is a distinct absence of chain stores that provide everything like a Walmart. I spent an hour driving to get bedding and a bottle of wine – at the same store.

Buying food is extremely easy. If you buy food in the street, it is extremely reasonable. I can buy a decent lunch for $2. Supermercado prices are comparable.

Pharmacies deliver, and so does pizza. Driver’s sometimes don’t accept tips, making my life confusing.

The Chicken Bus:

Getting around in Guate is kind of a pain in the ass. The bus times are unclear. You can rent a car, but I was not comfortable driving one in bumper to bumper traffic. Uber has decent penetration, but drivers will deny rides to poorer locations. Antigua to Guate in the Chicken Bus was fine. Give the person collecting money 10 qs for Antigua to the center of the city. You’ll know when everyone gets off. It’s a scary neighborhood I’ve been told, but there are plenty of taxis.

Bicycling is usually for people working, not going to work, and less frequently for leisure.


I spent most of my time in z10, z15 and that’s it. Antigua was safe. It made my life harder but I never had really more than 200qs on me at a time. I feel bad for any robber that risked their life to rob this guy.

What is true is that guatemalan people are more traditionally polite than other cultures. For instance in an elevator, people will have full conversations about nonsense.

guatemalan people are considered some of the nicest in Latin America – but this is directly proportional to how much money you pay them. I’ve found european guatemalan girls to be incredibly rude, for the most part. For the guys, well it’s been okay.

Dancing like freak dancing isn’t really done in the clubs. i made that mistake.

Living in Guatemala is not cheap actually. since it has the second worst income inequality in Latin America, living in a safe place or even finding accommodations at all with family ties was difficult. Further, rent in zona 10 for a 2 bedroom was about 300 dollars in 2012, it’s for sure more than $500 now.

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